I just installed a Sensi st55 on my 3 stage system. I have a few questions.

1. when I have manually set the override, like I bump the temp up a degree or two, The problem is that the schedule does not over ride the manual setting when the schedule changes. In other words I would like the manual over ride to go back to following the schedule at the next event change. Can I set this up?
I want this because at night, 9:30, I like the house cooler, down to 66 deg instead of my normal of 70 deg. sometimes in the early evening I bump the temp up to 71 or 72 and have to manually reset back to follow schedule.
2. The usage report in the app shows the amount of time the system spent in AUX (stage 3) but it does not show the time the systems runs on stage 1 and stage 2 seperatly. It combines stages 1 and 2 for the amount of time run. I would like to know how much time was spent on stages 1 and 2. Can this be changed?

3. In the sales literature it mentions compatible with geothermal systems but that is the only place I have ever seen any reference to geothermal. The heat pump settings seem to be addressing only standard heat pumps with outside units. I did figure it out to make it work but I would like something from the factory engineers to verify or improve my settings. Anything on Geothermal support?
Thanks in advance...