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Thread: Replacing a Honeywell Smart Wifi Color thermostat to get Aux Heat Lockout capability

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    Replacing a Honeywell Smart Wifi Color thermostat to get Aux Heat Lockout capability

    Hello. I installed a honeywell smart wifi color thermostat last year. it functions okay, excepting one characteristic;

    it does not allow me to select the Auxiliary Heat Temperature Lockout.

    so the auxiliary heat will be turned on by the thermostat even when it is over 40 F outside, and has been doing that whenever it feels like it. I've called honeywell to see if there is a way to change this and the answer is 'no'. this lack of a feature alone costs me thousands if not millions of dollars a year. Okay maybe not that much but it adds up way too fast.

    i see the ecobee 3 does have an Aux Temp Lockout option, so I can use that thermostat. How many other thermostats out there have that capability along with wifi, that you'd recommend. Thanks

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    I'm in a similar boat. I've got the ecobee 3 lite, and I'm finding no thermostat out there that does what I want. I removed the honeywell because of the aux heat useage. I went to the nest, but it's for an unattended home, so I need alarm capability which I didn't seem to be able to do with the nest, so over to ecobee I went. Ecobee has much of what I want , but not enough of it is available remotely.

    I think what I'd prefer would be the nest but with alarm capabilities. I did call tech support for both ecobee and nest, and... well, I'll try the ecobee for now. Unfortuneatly I won't know until winter when I am not around.

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    Nest used to work with IFTTT which you could do alarms with. Now they say to use Google Assistant. I haven't followed this but might give what you need.

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