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Thread: Zone Panel and Thermostat Upgrade Questions

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    You plan looks good.

    Assume you re-using the old transformer for the HZ311's R and C "power" connections. Keep them isolated from the "equipment" connections.

    From your description blue and green were to only used to power the clocks on the old thermostats so correct, not needed for the same function as modern thermostats tap off of R and C to power their clocks. Blue(cyan) should be C and green G. Make sure to power down and remove before making changes as you don't want new connected to old.

    Should check the wires going to the furnace are what you expect. Don't want any surprises.
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    All equipment works. I originally wired the dampers backwards (M6 instead of M4). But corrected.
    I'm still getting heat in Zone 2 when it's off and only Zone 1 is calling. I took the damper off, cleaned it, and lubed it a little. i assumed it was sticking open. Didn't solve the issue. Now i'm thinking it's just shot.

    My only, last, and final question: do the wires on the damper motor matter? they are orange and yellow in a red/white world. just want to be certain i don't have the C and the M4 on backwards (if that's even possible).

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