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Thread: Ecobee Smartthermostat communicating HVAC

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    Ecobee Smartthermostat communicating HVAC

    I have a Goodman electric heat pump and a comfortnet thermostat. I have 4 wires running from the air handler to the thermostat: R, C, 1 and 2. The same wires run to the outside unit.

    Is it possible to replace the comfortnet with the Ecobee? Do I just run new wires using standard furnace wiring? Do i then disconnect the 1 and 2 wires?
    If so, will I lose anything other than variable fan speed?

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    You lose status messages but they are of little use. If you wire up W2 and Y2 then you get the benefit of two speeds at least.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stuff View Post
    You lose status messages but they are of little use. If you wire up W2 and Y2 then you get the benefit of two speeds at least.
    Thanks for the info. So should I run new wiring from the thermostat to the air handler and then from there to the outside unit? Or could I retask the 1 and 2 wires for that?

    I ask because, while it would save some time and money, I have a 2nd unit for the upstairs that has the same wiring and I am not sure running new wire to the outside unit would be a very easy task. The first floor's unit is in an unfinished basement and much easier to run new wiring if needed.

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    I know very little about HVAC wiring. The previous thermostats I have replaced were straightforward wiring.
    I included a picture of the wiring at the control board. I have the “connector” for the standard wiring to the control board. So would I need to connect wires to W1, W2, Y1, Y2, R and C? And then run this wires to the thermostat and to the outside unit?
    Click image for larger version. 

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    You shouldn't need to run wires to the outside unit as the control board will still use 1,2 to communicate with it. So just need to wire from there to the thermostat - 7 wires (you left out G).

    Track down the instructions for the board (get the model number off of it) as may need set up to use those connections and/or still use 1 and 2 for the outside unit.

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    Thanks for the info. I ended up having an HVAC tech out (a friend's brother so a good price) a few weeks ago and found out, luckily, normal furnace wiring had been run but the wires were tucked far back in the wall. He rewired the control board and then wired the ecobee. He ended up changing some wiring on the outside unit too as it was not turning on during our initial testing.
    Heat-wise, everything has been running smoothly. As it gets warm enough I'll test the a/c to ensure everything works there too.

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