I am using the original Ecobee Room Sensors. The problem is NOT the sensor temperature range, it is with Samsung Smart Things. What I am trying to do is I have a Ecobee Room Sensor in the attic, I have a number of these in the different attics for my house. I have a water line running to a humidifier and I wanted to command the heat on if the Attic temp drops too low. As I recall Samsung Smart things lowest temperature option was 45F and I wanted like 35F and it appeared that Samsung Smart Things does not support a temperature as low as I need. Just a SIMPLE software range extension, but I assume the group that wrote the software did not think someone would need a temperature as Iow as I require and/or the Samsung Sensor may not the range that I need.

I am use IFTTT as well for some things, but again I am finding this is not as useful and straight forward for my requirements.

I am going to try to use IFTTT for triggering the HVAC when the humidity gets to high either in the Winter when I may have the house occupied and the temperature dropped back or in the Summer when the days are cooler but far more humid.

I am waiting to see if the new software from Ecobee that supports "Feels Like" might do a better job controlling or reacting to humidity as well as temperature.