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Thread: Heatmiser PRT-TS Thermo - how to achieve consistent temperature in baby room?

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    Heatmiser PRT-TS Thermo - how to achieve consistent temperature in baby room?

    Hi all,

    First post here and requesting some friendly advice, thanks for reading.

    We have a 2 month old baby and are supposed to keep our room between around 18 and 19.5c. The thermostat's in the living room however, and the bedroom can't act as the guide for the temp control - so this is what we do so far:

    - set the thermo to 20 overnight but turn the living room radiators off
    - supplement our room (with the baby) with an additional electric oil heater on a low heat.

    You would think with the thermo set at 20 and the radiators off,the boiler would be on all night, trying in vain to hit the required 20c - but no! Strangely it seems inconsistent, so it comes off and on and the temperature in our room varies. If the boiler WAS on all night, we could just set our radiator low and this would help us get a consistent heat.

    Can anyone advise as to how we might better achieve consistency? Could we move the thermostat somehow into the bedroom, or buy a 2nd one? Another option would be to have the CH off overnight and just have the oil heater set high, but apparently this is pretty uneconomical. In case it helps, out boiler is Valient, I think it's a pretty new decent one.

    Any help gratefully received. In case the impending apocalypse wasn't enough to worry about, it's hard to get a good night's sleep worrying if the baby will over/underheat while we sleep!

    Thanks again


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