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Thread: Is there an auto replacement for this?

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    From the manual you can't set heat and cool to 75º as temps need to be 3º apart. That may be the issue you are seeing.
    Auto Changeover is a feature used in climates where both air conditioning and heating are used on the same day. When the system is set to Auto, the thermostat automatically selects heating or cooling depending on the indoor temperature.

    Heat and cool settings must be at least 3 degrees apart. The thermostat will automatically adjust settings to maintain this 3-degree separation (called “deadband”).The 3-degree separation between heating and cooling set temperatures is fixed, and cannot be changed.

    1. Press system button until screen displays “Auto”. NOTE:The Auto system setting may not appear, depending on how your thermostat was installed
    Also option 12 needs to be enabled in the menus as the "auto" function is disabled by default.
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    Oh perfect. Looks like I don't even need a new controller after all. Thank you very much for sharing the link to the manual. Maybe it will help someone else that finds this too.

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    Just wanted you to know by confirming that it works perfectly. Didn't need a new controller. Thanks again.

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    Good to hear that you got it sorted out. There are so many functions in these electronic thermostats that are easy to miss.

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