I have installed 4 Honeywell TH8320 Redlink thermostats with outdoor sensors connected to GE AZ65H12DAC units.
So there are 4 separate systems.
The GE Air is a heat pump model with aux heat. AZ65H12DAC

Thermostat Appears to be wired correctly.
It also appears to be programmed correctly.
Conditioning works fine.
Before it got too cold heating worked fine.
Now that it's about 40 Thermostat 24v for Aux heat,That's where the problem comes in when the GE air conditioner sees a call for Aux heat the compressor shuts down.
When that happens it takes five hours to get the room to a maximum of 68.
I checked the voltage is going to the air conditioner have 24 V on fan, compressor, reverse pump and aux heat.
It appears when on external thermostat this conditioner will not run the compressor and aux heat together.
GE could not offer any help they tell me to remove the thermostat not their problem.
Honeywell could not help either. Any suggestions would certainly be helpful.
Starting to think the AC may want to control Aux on it's own. Not sure on this one.