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    Google Nest Hub

    Hello all!

    I live in an old farmhouse that has both zoned boiler heat and central air HVAC. The boiler is the primary heat source and we have 6 zones, all currently with Honeywell stats. I would like to have a device where I can see all seven stat readings from one device, and even control them from that device. It looks like the Nest Hub would enable me to do that but I don't know anything about it. It looks like I could just swap out my Honeywells for Nests and then buy the hub. Has anyone used the Nest Hub for this functionality and if so how did it work and were you able to see all of your zones on one dashboard?


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    Even with the Nest Hub you won't get that. The Nest app will show and control all thermostats but each one is independent. The only thing that is common is away/eco mode.

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    Thanks...let me clarify...I am looking for a dashboard system just to monitor the temps so I don't have to go in six different rooms to check temps. I am not looking to override the zones with one control, rather looking to monitor and control all separately from one source. The six zones are awesome, but with all the kids gone, their rooms are a little cooler. It seems that a wifi Nest system would do this but my need is unique enough that nobody has been able to confirm.

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    With the Nest app you can manage up to 20 thermostats for one house:
    I believe that it shows six thermostats at a time before it starts to scroll (depends on app and device). The overview will show each thermostat with the set temperature and a color indicating heating, cooling, or idle. It will look like below. It gets messy as it mixes all Nest/Google devices like cameras together on the same screen.

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