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Thread: Honeywell T9320 for Lennox 2-stage furnace

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    Question Honeywell T9320 for Lennox 2-stage furnace

    I have had a Wifi 9320 from Honeywell for a while, but recently my old (very old) furnace died, and we installed a new furnace (Lennox 2-stage with variable fan speed).
    I have noticed that the furnace seems to work like a single stage furnace, i.e., furnace turns on, blows hard, works until set temperature is reached, then turns off.
    The wiring seems OK, (wire from W1 to W1 and second wire from W2 to W2), Furnace set to "2-stage thermostat", Thermostat also set to "2-stage furnace".

    I would expect to hear a lower fan speed for a while (stage 1), then an increase to a higher speed fan until set temperature is reached, but I don't see any options for setting parameters on the thermostat (something like set temperatures for the 2 stages, or blower speed settings. Neither do I see that for the furnace (there is an option to set the furnace for operation with a single stage thermostat, in which case there is supposed to be a timed switch to stage 2, but I tried that, and it does not seem to work either.

    Is there a way to check what stage the thermostat is requesting? I only see "Heat on", for a 2-stage thermostat I would expect something like "heat on (stage 1)" or similar.

    Just trying to troubleshoot this to see how I can get the 2-stage heating to work...

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    Yes you should hear a lower fan speed for stage 1. At the furnace itself most have a status LED that you can see through a plastic portal. The blink code tells you what stage it is running at.

    At the thermostat try going under Menu and then Equipment Status.

    Lastly you can try disconnecting the W2 wire at the furnace to see if it makes a difference.

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    Thanks. I took a look at the furnace while it was running. I saw the number 1 blinking a few times, then other numbers and letters (3,4,5, E) appeared. Is there are sheet that tells me what those numbers mean?

    I also checked out the thermostat. The furnace was off. I set the thermostat to 4 degrees higher, then switched to Equipment status. It showed me stage 1 as ON, stage 2 as OFF, Fan on. At this point the furnace was still in the ramp up mode, fan not really blowing. A few seconds later the thermostat showed me that the 2nd stage was ON. And a few seconds after that the fan began to blow.

    I thought that perhaps that was du to the large difference between the actual temperature and the set point, so I set everything back to normal and waited until the furnace turned on by itself. This time the thermostat showed stage 1 ON, and stage 2 Off, with the fan blowing. I waited for a while and nothing changed. I then again increased the set point. The thermostat almost immediately switched to stage 2 ON, but there was no noticeable change in the fan speed.

    I am not sure what that means. With the furnace giving me all those numbers and letters, I don't think I can see if the W2 signal arrives at the furnace. Can I measure it somehow? And if the W2 signal gets to the furnace, what would be the next step?

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    Ok, maybe this provides a clue. Furnace has been off for a while. Went to check codes. Found "E311", which means: "The heat firing rate has been
    reduced to match available airflow (cutback mode)." Found a listing of the codes, by the way). Under troubleshooting tips for this condition I find: "Two-stage controls will reduce firing rate to first stage. " Not sure what that means for me, but could that explain why there don't seem to be 2 stages for the heating?

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    Time to call for service. Sounds like there is an airflow issue, possibly due to the furnace being oversized. Maybe registers or returns are blocked?

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    I think I figured it out. I removed the filter and opened all vents. That removed the E311 message. It also switched the furnace into the second stage "H2". I guess the (somewhat dirty) filter and the number of closed vents tricked the furnace into the E311 code, in which the 2nd stage is never initiated. Now it seems to work.

    Related question: the furnace shows "A1140" in stage 1, and "A1250" for the second stage. If I am not mistaken, that is the volume of air that is pushed through the ventilation system (I think in cubic feet per minute). What happens if I reduce that value for stage 1? Obviously less air is pushed through the vents, but will the furnace adjust the amount of gas accordingly? Or will the furnace get hotter (less heat is extracted) and eventually shut down?

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