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Thread: Aprilaire 700M (or other active humidifiers)

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    Aprilaire 700M (or other active humidifiers)

    The wiring instructions for connecting humidifiers do not distinguish between a passive humidifier, active/powered humidifier, or evaporate humidifier. I have the Aprilaire 700M active/powered humidifier and I want it to run independently from a call for heat. It is wired using a 1-wire connection, thus closing the switch between Rc/Rh and ACC+ when there is a call for humidity... effectively connecting Rc/Rh to one humidifier terminal and the other to Common (when activated). Aprilaire recommends wiring in a 24VAC SPDT relay to control the fan (G wire) activated on a call for humidity from thermostat. It seems to me that this should be a feature of the ecobee, controllable by software configuration, and not require an additional relay component. The ecobee can control the fan and the humidifier independently, and should allow the user to determine how these services are controlled. Any idea how to influence a software change?

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