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Thread: Nest 2 is offline

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    Nest 2 is offline

    The other day I saw a message on my Thermostat that it was no longer on wifi and had been down for 6 hours. I attempted to reenter the usename and password but had no luck. I confirmed the information for both was correct. Nothing else on my wifi is having difficulties. I only use the wifi for the Nest, my cell phones, and computer related items. The trouble apparently was during the night when we were asleep. The existing system has been working since the installation of the Nest a few years ago, even through power outages. My battery is showing 3.9V and I went through the step by step "help" that included restarting everything at least twice. Nothing has changed. The thermostat functions fine otherwise, just the wifi is giving troubles. I even checked to se if there were router compatibility issues even though everything has been trouble free. My router isn't on the list.

    I'm at a loss.

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    Further investigation through my pone shows that I have no such device when I went to the app store to download the current app. My phone does show the stat is offline and has been for several days.

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    I figured I would post my solution even though nobody responded.

    It turns out the stat was faulty. It functioned fine as a thermostat but the wifi function was bad. Nest has had the problem in the past and is replacing the units N/C. I had a bunch of hoops to jump through to get to that point, but I did get my replacement unit and installed it a few days ago. The bad one is on its way back to them.

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