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Thread: How to wire an RTH9585WF1004 to an Aspen HVAC Heat Pump system

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    How to wire an RTH9585WF1004 to an Aspen HVAC Heat Pump system

    I purchased a condo and I want to be able to monitor and control the thermostat remotely. I purchased a Honeywell RTH9585WF1004. The current thermostat is 4-wire. I can easily run a 5-wire to the indoor unit.
    The indoor unit is an Aspen AAM Series unit. I have copies of the wiring diagrams. I am just not sure if the change will work.

    Can someone please help me. The website says the pdf is too large so I will need your email address to send you an 480K pdf.

    Thank you,

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    Should be fine. With a heat pump you should currently have R, O, G, Y at the thermostat and need to add a C for the new WiFi thermostat. Verify those are the wires you are currently using as there are some creative installations out there.
    Page 9 shows connections to a standard thermostat:
    C would be the brown wire coming out of the Aspen air handler. It will be connected to a wire feeding the outside unit. Keep that connection but add your new C.

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    THANK YOU very much for replying.

    I installed a 24V ac adapter to provide the power to the thermostat. The thermostat now has power and I have installed the thermostat on the APP.

    On the OLD thermostat here is where the four wires were connected:

    FROM HVAC To Thermostat
    White W
    Red R
    Green G
    Blue Y

    Using the four wires above W,R,G,B can you please tell me which terminals on the Honeywell they should be connected to?
    Since the Honeywell is powered up I assume I have it connected correctly? Am I right?

    Thanks ahead of time,

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    What happened to running a new thermostat cable?

    Assume you put the 24vac adapter on Rc and C connectors. A 24vac adapter is safe for a heat only system as the furnace uses R. With a/c it can work but is associated with higher system failures since Rc is shared with R.

    Your W would go to W-O/B, R to R, G to G, blue Y to Y.

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    Good day,
    I was out of town for the last week (Easter with family).

    Let me know if this makes sense and is the way I should be doing the hookup?

    1. I remove the 24 AC adapter.
    2. I install a 5 wire cable (or add a single wire) between the Aspen HVAC and thermostat.
    3. I will look at the wires inside the Aspen HVAC to confirm the wires being available. I will try to do that tomorrow and get back to you.

    I REALLY want to thank you for your assistance on this matter.

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    START from the beginning

    I am trying to add a Honeywell WiFi thermostat. Originally the thermostat had 4-wires. I ran a 6-wire cable (wanted a spare) so I could use 5-wires.
    I have some pictures I would like to show to explain my problem, but I don't see anyway to attach a picture.

    Can someone please send me an email to: Email removed

    So I can send the pictures and explain my problem.
    I will NOT abuse your email address.


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