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Thread: How to wire an RTH9585WF1004 to an Aspen HVAC Heat Pump system

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    A local HVAC company said I need to run 6 wires. He said 5-wires will only work with AC and not a heat pump.
    If this is true and how do I connect the 6th wire?

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    Yes, you would need 6 wires if you had a normal heat pump. That needs 5 wires to the thermostat and at least 3 to the outside unit.. The pictures show that you have only 2 wires to the outside unit which means you have a/c with electric heating.

    Change the thermostat settings to "conventional" and all should work.

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    This should be the last posting on this matter....

    I decided I needed to have my HVAC company look over my installation. They agreed to a Flat-Rate charge which helped a lot.

    Turns out the system is NOT a heat-pump. It is an AC with electric heating. NEVER occurred to me that it wasn't a heat-pump. Most people are Summer residents so having electric heat set to a low setting to ensure the pipes don't freeze is what they do. The wiring was correct, just needed to make some changes on the thermostat. Of course I wish I didn't have to spend the money to change some settings, but I told the HVAC company I felt the money spent was well worth it.

    When it is time to change out the system I will look to see if a heat-pump is the way to go.

    I want to thank "Stuff" for his assistance. He stuck in there with me and I appreciate that.

    Thank you....

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