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Thread: Honeywell 2000. PLEASE make this simple for me.

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    Honeywell 2000. PLEASE make this simple for me.

    Hi folks,
    I put this thermostat in for my landlady and it's been working fine for a year. I turned it off because it got warm yesterday.

    I went to turn it back on and nothing happens. I don't know if she played with or what.

    I don't remember how I set the freakin thing now. I just want to set a temperature and have it always be that temperature. I don't need schedules and all that.

    Can somebody please tell me how to get this thing to turn the furnace back on if possible?

    Thank you so much in advance.
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    I figured out what it was.

    My beloved landlady, who has no business trying to fix ANYthing, took the cover off the furnace and the safety plunger thing wasn't engaged. Like I say, I had turned off the heat because it had gotten warm and she thought it was broken.

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