I've been wondering why my thermostat wasn't maintaining my setpoint lately and discovered something or someone had changed my schedule setting of 76 degrees F to 80! A few searches lead me to an article on "eco+." A feature that ecobee released awhile back and by default enables on all their thermostats that will support it. I've got an ecobee 3 with a single remote. I'm not sure how long this has been adjusting my stat for me but I've been unhappy with the way this thermostat has kept me comfortable for quite a while now. I'm not sure why ecobee pushed this "feature" out to existing customers without providing them instructions about how to customize it for their own tastes. I've disabled it altogether for the time being.

ecobee product literature is extremely lacking. Has anyone ever seen a menu breakdown of what features are under each setting on their thermostat? Or an explanation of what features are settable on the web access vs on the thermostat? I guess we're supposed to find out by trial and error.