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Thread: 2nd Gen Nest running AC compressor when trying to heat

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    You would think for $200 that quality control would be better. I you sure you didn't set it up as heat pump by accident?

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    Likely a bad base plate. Had 1 Nest where the baseplate was bad out of box once...and a second Nest failed after 6 months. Symptom is continuous power to Y1 wire. Wire changeout revealed that the short is in the baseplate with the Y1 is energized full time .. the fan cycles on and off but heat pump stays on. No wiring error code from the Nest...but a return to old thermostat and all is back to normal. Verified baseplate by changing out with a Nest that was working in another zone of the house.

    Anyone know how to order a replacement base plate only?

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    Ive been really looking into getting a NEST thermostat but i keep reading quality control issues and failure issues or loss of programmed settings issues. Are those problems resolved in the second gen units?

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    The Nest second generation thermostat is slimmer in design, has the abillity to control two stage system and has * terminal to control humidity. Not sure about any quality control issues fixes with the gen 2. I am sure there are many users out there that are happy with their Nest thermostat. Most of the issues that we have seen are users that have not connected a C wire, some issue with Nest installed on heat pump system and issues with the Nest thermostat backplate. Just remember that people are more inclined to post on the internet about Nest thermostat issues then talking about how great the Nest thermostat. You should also check out the new Honeywell Rth9580wf thermostat

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