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Thread: What additional things could we do with Nest (features or data)?

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    Lightbulb What additional things could we do with Nest (features or data)?


    As Nest experts and users, what problems solved or additional features would you love to see outside of what Nest provides?

    We are application developers who would really like to make the smart home vision a reality for you. Our theory is that there are some additional things beyond control of the furnace that we could do with the information that Nest collects (i.e. optimize power usage based on avoiding peak rates). For that matter, any other smart home device that has an API we could build solutions on.

    If you are open to it we have an anonymous survey you can take here (or reply to this thread). We are happy to share our summarized survey results and get to work building solutions you can use.


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    I need to know the number of hours my Nest has been calling for heat since the last oil tank fill.

    My oil tank has a gauge on it that is hard to get to and read. I'd like to reset an hour meter when the tank gets filled and then have an alarm go off when a user specified number of hour is reached. This would tell me that it is time to order another fill.

    It would also be nice to have the same type of alarm for the air filters, based on the number of hours the fan has been running. Doing this would seem to me to be a trivial software enhancement.

    I called up nest support and they didn't seem interested in helping an end user.

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