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Thread: What to Consider in a WiFi Thermostat?

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    What to Consider in a WiFi Thermostat?

    I am a retired engineer considering a wifi thermostat. What aspects should I consider? In general, I am finding the lack of technical data by the vendors to be a bit frustrating. Are there any places where this might be posted? For example, the NEST apparently has a different temperature sensor than the Honeywell. Which is better? I cannot seem to find out if the Honeywell RTF9580WF has a battery. The RTF8580WF clearly does. Is this because the 9580 uses flash memory?

    I am interested in utilizing energy use statistics but the 9580 does or currently support that. The Ecobee does, but looks a bit complicated to install.


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    Ecobee is the best for utility use reports.... Honeywell does not have this feature YET............ Nest has way too many problems............ personally if I were choosing a honeywell, I would go with a professional line thermostat over a consumer line.

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    Why do you think the Ecobee is so complicated?

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    Made my choice and went with the "ecobee smart si". Very easy install, wifi connect, and setup! I am doing a side by side comparison of temperature readings with my old Hunter Programmable to see if I need to make some adjustments. I had some questions regarding the unit and ended up calling ecobee. They were very helpful. It is a little early in the data area (not much collected yet) but I am impressed with the reports.

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