#thermostat #Venstar has added real-time weather and remote firmware upgrades via its Skyport Cloud Service to its ColorTouch touchscreen, programmable thermostats. For new ColorTouch thermostats, the upgrade also includes humidity control support.
Real time weather on the
Venstar ColorTouch thermostat screen gives users an at-a-glance view of current outside temperatures as well as three-day weather predictions.

Also included in the ColorTouch firmware update is the new Skyport firmware upgrade button, which allows users to remotely update the firmware for their ColorTouch thermostats anywhere in the world using the Skyport Cloud Services online.

Two new models of ColorTouch also now have humidity control, which enables users to manage indoor humidity settings using their ColorTouch thermostats. ColorTouch with humidity control works with the thermostat's humidity sensor, which automatically detects changes in humidity in residential or commercial environments and adjusts the conditions via the HVAC system and/or a humidifier.

The new firmware comes standard with new ColorTouch residential and commercial thermostats T5900 (residential) and T6900 (commercial) models. Previous ColorTouch models T5800 (residential) and T6800 (commercial) can be updated to the new firmware. Anytime a firmware update is available, a notification will appear on the thermostat screen along with simple prompts to help the user make the update.