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Thread: Humidistat and HW RTH9580 WF

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    Humidistat and HW RTH9580 WF

    We live in Florida where all homes have a humidistat that controls humidity when you are away. the procedure I have followed is when you leave you turn humidistat to desired humidity (55) and turn thermostat to 78. I have been told that the thermostat is really disabled at that point and the unit will come on once humidity gets above 55 regardless of temperature. When you return you turn humidistat to "ON" and thermostat to desired temp.

    I bought and had installed the new Honeywell RTH9580. The installer insured me it would replace the humidistat nad took it out. I am not sure how this is going to work. Any advice?

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    The RTH9580 does not have a humidity control function.

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    meaning it will not do what he said?

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    It is not designed to be a humidistat, it is a thermostat.

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