A German company named Tado has produced a smartphone app that adjusts your heating system set point based on where you and your cell are.

A key element of Tado is a small box connected to your heating system. It replaces an existing thermostat on the wall or is attached directly to the heating boiler. It communicates with your smartphone using your home internet connection.

Your smartphone automatically sends information to the Box over the internet about when and how to heat your home, depending on where you are. All you need to do is install the tado App on your smartphone. You can also keep an eye on your energy usage wherever you are, and manually control it if you wish.

Geolocation via GPS is very accurate but also consumes a lot of energy. To save your phone's battery the Tado app uses different technologies such as cell tower locations, wifi access points which are close to your phone or triangulation.

Tado quickly learns to respond to the particular heating properties of your home, influenced by factors such as its insulation and window surface area. This allows it to reach the desired temperature even more efficiently.

Tado checks the weather forecast online: sunny days and very cold nights affect how it heats. If the forecast promises sunshine, Tado turns down the heating in good time and lets the sun warm up your home. This saves energy and prevents the building from overheating.