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Thread: Emerson / White Rodgers Wifi thermostat

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    I'm going to check this thing out tomorrow (as long as my day doesn't get screwed up). The supply house is hosting a demo and class after hours.

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    Ok, I'm reporting back after the info session at my local supply house. Emerson/WR basis of the current version available today is an inexpensive, easy to install design. The thermostat itself is not flashy.

    It does have some capabilities that others are not doing exactly the same way yet. It is can be used with just 2 AA batteries and does not require a "C" wire to operate and connect to the internet. To do this it uses what they had a fancy name for, but it is essentially power stealing and robs power off the Y circuit. We have all seen what can happen on newer systems when a thermostat tries to do this (typically not good), but I am giving it some leeway as it hasn't been out long to see how it is going to actually operate in the real world environment.

    The Sensi is a 4 Heat 2 cool programmable thermostat. It is not currently Dual Fuel Capable unless you use an external fossil fuel kit... that will change in a few months as the stat is automatically updated Over The Air when connected to the internet. When it becomes dual fuel capable it will use internet data for ODT and have an adjustable balance point. The thermostat does not currently control any IAQ system accessories and has no expansion to do so in its current platform. I expect that to change in the future as the WiFi technology is moved across their line of popular thermostat platforms.

    Based upon the price I was given by my supplier I would sell this stat for roughly $271 - $309 + installation. So, while they say it is inexpensive I have other WiFi thermostats that I sell for less. Some cool features are that you can actually do full programming of the thermostat from the App. The app itself is the key to this thermostat. It is a great app and beautiful.... now if they can upgrade the thermostat and make it more aesthetically pleasing I think they will have something. My clients want not only easy to use functionality but also something that looks good on the wall in their home and this thermostat looks like every other white boxy style thermostat on the wall of most every home in the USA.

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    I don't see them selling many at a $300 price point. For that much $$ is should be comminucating with DF capability.

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    I hope they will change it little bit :>

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