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Thread: Furnace/Air Conditioner 2 Stage?

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    Furnace/Air Conditioner 2 Stage?

    Hello All- New user here with a question. Just moved into a new house and brought along my Filtrete 3M-50 thermostat. I'm not sure if my furnace and/or air conditioner are 2 stage or not. Can someone help or point me in the correct direction to see if they are? They are both York branded. Models are:
    Furnace: TG9S060B12MP11
    Air conditioner: FC35B3XC1

    Let me know if I can get any other information to you.

    Thanks in advance!!

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    If the existing thermostat is still installed look and see if there are wires connected to Y2 or W2.

    Y2 = second stage cooling
    W2 = second stage heating

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    Thank you! I don't have either of those, so I guess no 2 stage for me. That surprises me since this is a new construction...oh well. Thank you!!

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