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    Cool Quality thermostats

    If you want a reliable, quality thermostat DON'T buy a cheap thermostat! You do get what you pay for. I have seen so many cheap thermostats fail and many consumers fail at putting their thermostats in. Poor instructions by all thermostat manufacturers compound how many problems consumers will have installing thermostats.

    Most box store thermostats will have anywhere from a 30 day warranty through 1 year for your better quality thermostats. Professional thermostats will have up to a 5 year warranty.

    Hunter makes great fans, but not great thermostats, IMO.

    One of the most important things to know is that not all thermostats are the same! It's also a GOOD idea to know what kind of thermostat you need to correctly operate your heating and cooling comfort system. Do you need just a standard 1 heat and 1 cool conventional thermostat or do you need a 4 heat 2 cool heat pump thermostat? The best way to find out is to post a question in the general thermostat forum and ask. Include your equipment make and model numbers and also your current thermostat make and model numbers. This will help considerably in helping to identify the correct thermostat needed for your home.

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    A quick way to identify cheap digital thermostats is the lack of a C terminal. If a digital stat is 100% battery powered with no option for system powered operation it's probably junk. HVAC supply houses tend to carry the good stuff. Big box stores carry mostly junk, although they are starting to carry some of the better stuff.

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