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Thread: No power to "c" wire

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    No power to "c" wire

    New to the forum, thanks for having me. After a year of use with my nest I am now finding the need to a "c" wire to my boiler relay. I have a multi zone argo control panel with a C terminal. I had an electrician come yesterday who ran a new single line directly from the nest to the argo box. I am still getting " No power to C" error code on the nest. Any ideas? The control is an argo arm-3p. Currently I have the wire going from the "C" terminal in the nest to the 24vac terminal at the common.

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    After the C wire was connected did the electrician check the voltage between the Nest RH and C?

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    No he did not. He seemed confused on how to wire the c connection. On the argo controller the rh and the w are wired into a zone with no free terminals. The common and the 24vac are on the far side of the control. He has the c wire by itself wired into the 24vac terminal. Am I correct in assuming the RH need to go in the common terminal next to the 24vac? The picture below is the same control (not mine but the same).

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    I see nothing connected at the C terminal.

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    Sorry if I was not clear. The picture is the same control I have but not mine. It's just a google picture. The electrician used the terminal marked 24vac to connect the c wire. He also tried the terminal above it marked common. The rh and W wires are in zone 1. I appreciate your help. This is getting frustrating.

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    Nest C = common
    Nest RH = 24vac

    Your Nest must have been receiving 24vac from the zone terminal in order for it to have been working before.

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