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The Hunter 44550 set and save thermostat is a 7 day programmable thermostat. Each day of the week can be set separately with up to 4 different time schedules. The Hunter 44550 has the ability to Automatically change from heating to cooling. This feature is called auto changeover. This is feature is needed on day when it is cool in the morning and warm in the afternoon. When the System Selector is in AUTO position, the thermostat will automatically change between Heating and Cooling systems, depending on your program. Hunter list the 44550 as a thermostat that can be installed in 30 minutes. The 44550 has a energy monitor that tracks system run hours and a filter run timer. The 44550 comes with a indglo backlight and has a a feature called Home today. The home today feature allows you to quickly and temporarily override your energy saving program setting on days when you are normally away from home with one key press.

Hunter 44550 keypad lock: The keyboard can be locked to prevent unauthorized changes to the thermostat. To lock or unlock the keyboard, press and hold BOTH the up and down keys for three seconds.

The Hunter 44550 is compatible with:
  • Air conditioning
  • Gas, electric and oil furnaces
  • Gas and oil fired boilers
  • 2 Wire hot water, radiator heat
  • Most 24 Volt and Millivolt systems
  • Single stage heat pumps without auxillary heat
  • Not for use with 110 or 220V Electric baseboard heat
  • Not for use with Heat pumps with auxillary heat
  • Not for use with Multi-stage systems
  • Not for use with 3-wire hot water systems


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