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Thread: What no Lennox iComfort threads?

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    A 4"+ media filter will keep the blower/coil clean, no need to pull the furnace/coil every 5 years.

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    Well a 2 week wait for the control module for the heat pump turned out to be a few days shy of 2 months... I made weekly calls to the Sales Department of the install co. and finally my contact called Lennox only to find out the part had been available but according to him Lennox had not announced the availability in the way they normally do?

    The young guy they sent out seemed a little confused and after 4 hours (at the end of his day - and too late to call Lennox for help) he called it quits. The next day they sent out one of their service guys (instead of an installer) and he moved quite a few wires including the order in which the controller was connected and he was close. The only problem left was the iComfort threw an error code wanting the outside temp probe connected to the furnace despite the instructions saying it had to be connected to the new control module?

    There was one more clitch where the iControl touch screen would not allow you to adjust the Cool to set point up or down, but it started working correctly after cycling the thermostat from 'Heat and Cool' to 'Heat only' then 'Cool Only' and back to 'Heat and Cool'.

    Now that I have it working as designed I will try and add some info to the iComfort thread.

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    Does your icomfort thermostat communicate with your indoor and outdoor units? What is the model number of your icomfort thermostat. Do you know if there are different icomfort models for conventional (R, C, G, Y, W) and communication systems

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    Yes, the iComfort is a communicating thermostat. It does not used the conventional wiring. There are only 4 wires running from the iComfort to the furnace and Heat Pump (R, i+, i-, C). It looks like you can put things that are communicating (or non-communicating - with a controller interphase) in parallel.

    I am not completely sure if they have a controller for a non-communicating furnace, but I do see wiring diagrams for control boards for non-communicating outdoor units. It only stands to reason that there would be something similar for a furnace.

    It seems my Heat Pump is a communicating unit, but it was not directly compatible with the iComfort, so it needed a control board. With the new control board the outside unit is communicating, so its not like they had to dumb down the Heat Pump and run it as non-communicating.

    I paid far less than retail so I am not too sure of the cost (over $300 I believe), but if you had to add a control board or two it would be cost prohibitive to go with the iComfort (if you did not have Lennox equipment).

    As for you last question - it doesn't appear there is a non-communicating model.
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