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Thread: Trane TZEMT500... Schedule and Zwave Question

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    Trane TZEMT500... Schedule and Zwave Question

    I recently had an HVAC shop install a Trane TZEMT500... thermostat on my home HVAC system. My plan is to control the system via my home automation system.

    The manual states that the Schedule Mode Button is used to select one of 3 operating Modes: Hold, Run and Energy Saving.

    In Run mode, the following Run mode, the manual states this: Run the system schedule (or Z-Wave controlled schedule).

    I have my thermostat connected to my home automation system. I can see the thermostat and I can control it for a while. The issue is that the thermostat seems to lose it's mind, relative to the setpoints I sent it via home automation.

    Tonight, I learned that the installer enables Schedules and in the schedule, there are some default setpoints by day with changes day and night.

    My question:
    As I want to completely control the schedule via Zwave via Home Automation, do I need to delete the daily schedules that are already in the thermostat and if so, how do I delete them (I see no function for deleting them). Bottom line, I need the default in Run mode to accept zwave control and disregard any local schedule. The manual is not clear if the local schedule is disregarded of the thermostat is connected to a Zwave hub.

    Thanks for any feedback.


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    Per Bruce at RCS (OEM for the TZEMT500), if Zwave is enabled, local schedules should be disregarded. As a precaution, I went into Installer Mode on the stat and disabled schedules.

    Back to using my Home Automation system (Smartthings) to control the stat, I removed the stat, then readded it to Smartthings (ST). I resetup control of the stat within ST and performed a series of settings tests. Currently, I'm only able to send both Heating and Cooling setpoints at the same time. Through my testing, I have concluded that when sent as a pair, the stat only responds to the Heating setpoint. The only way I could get the stat to respond to a Cooling setpoint change is to send a blank Heating setpoint and the new Cooling setpoint.

    This workaround will not work in the longterm but at least I'm gaining knowledge of where the trouble may lie. It still could be the way the data is sent by ST to the stat. Or, it could be the stat itself, not responding properly. Smartthings is having their developers look into this. I will post this on their forum as well for other ST users there. It would be nice to hear from others using ST and this stat as to whether they're experiencing the same issue or not.
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