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Thread: Lux TX9000TS programmable stat

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    Lux TX9000TS programmable stat

    Need help in figuring out wiring to replace a 5-wire Sears model t-stat to a Lux TX9000TS programmable stat.
    The wiring between my present t-stat, furnace and AC does not correspond to the wiring in the aforementioned wiring thread.
    What I have is the following:
    Thermostat terminals are : G RC Y W 4, Furnace terminals are: W Y R C G, AC terminals are: C Y
    Furnace connections are as follows:
    Furnace terminal - W to W on t-stat
    - Y to Y on t-stat and AC
    - R to RC on t-stat & terminal 4 on t-stat
    - C to C on AC
    - G to G on t-stat

    I get the sense something doesn't add up correctly.

    The thermostat and Ac stamped SEARS and were installed by Sears in 1989. The furnace is a Gas High efficiency Bryant, Plus 90 with hot surface ignition.

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    Existing RC wire = Lux TX9000TS RC - RH terminals
    Existing C wire = Lux TX9000TS C terminal
    Existing G - wire = Lux TX9000TS G terminal
    Existing Y wire = Lux TX9000TS Y terminal
    Existing W wire = Lux TX9000TS W terminal
    Existing terminal 4 not used on Lux TX9000TS

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