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Thread: So far I am very happy...!

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    So far I am very happy...!

    So I have had the iComfort for several months and it has functioned well in both modes (heating and cooling). I have to say I am happier with it then I was with the Nest V2.

    I feel the iComfort keeps the house at a more even temperature. I assume the iComfort has a tighter maintenance band because it is promoting comfort as well as savings where as Nest is all about saving energy.

    There have been a few times I wish I could adjust the presets remotely as the iComfort only allows you to switch between presets or change the current settings, not change the presets permanently.

    The WiFi/ remote connections have been rock solid (except on one occasion - for an hour or so) unlike my experience with the Nest.

    I have the iComfort set so it won't automatically apply any updates (unlike the Nests only setting - here's the update whether you like it or not and if it takes out your thermostat at the wrong time - oh well!) so I feel confident I won't come home to frozen pipes because of a an update gone bad.

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    Thanks for sharing your experience and its good that your problem has been solved.

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