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Thread: Can my deshumidistat be wired into my Nest

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    Question Can my deshumidistat be wired into my Nest


    I want change my White Rogers 1F97-1277 thermostat by a Nest 2nd gen.

    I know you can use the * connector to connect the deshumidistat.

    I have this Dehumidistat Wall Control

    Somebody can help me with this, how to make the connection for the Dehumidistat ?


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    I have hooked up my hrv to my nest with a White Rogers90-290Q relay and the * terminal on the nest. It just acts as a dehumifier and works great.

    Its simple but requires a but more work.

    Read the above guide for dehumidifier...if you want I can send you pictures... email admin at mynestreports dot com

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    Separate dehumidifier or just dropping the fan speed on the furnace/air handler during high humidity?

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    Separate... VanEE air exchanger

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    Other than the lack of wifi your current 1F97-1277 is a superior thermostat to the Nest. Keep in mind the Nest has no ability to adjust the temp swing/cycle times like your Emerson does. You are too into the particulars of how the thermostat is hooked up/controls the system to be happy with the Nest. Very little can be calibrated to match your system, you're pretty much stuck with what Nest thinks is best.

    If you want to UPGRADE look into an Ecobee or Honeywell Prestige/IAQ, either will handle your VanEE properly and will not require a separate dehumidifier control. MUCH better than Nest for a little more $$$. Pull the owners manuals for all 3 thermostats, you will see what I mean.

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