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Thread: Do I need a Nest? Currently have a Honeywell TH8320R1003

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    Do I need a Nest? Currently have a Honeywell TH8320R1003


    I was recently gifted a Nest thermostat from my very thoughtful brother.

    I have a new build home, however, with a Honeywell TH8320R1003 thermostat. It's a VisionPro 8000 series programmable/scheduled thermostat. It is compatible with the RedLink internet gateway, which would add remote control abilities. While nice, not a major thing for us, and not planning on adding this component. We have a forced air 95% efficiency furnace with AC.

    Being a new build, our house is really very energy efficient to begin with. Additionally, we are fairly vigilant about turning off the thermostat when we are away.

    Any suggestions either way on whether to install or return the Nest?

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    I would suggest that you stay with the VisionPro 8000. There would not be any more energy savings with the Nest over the VisionPro 8000 provided that that you have the schedules set up in the VisionPro 8000. With your house being a new build if you decide to go with the Nest you should check with your HVAC installing contractor to make sure that there would not be any warranty issues by installing the Nest.

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    +1 for staying with the Honeywell. Installing the Nest will just cause headaches.

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