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Thread: Reccomend a Thermostat

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    Reccomend a Thermostat

    Downsized to a smaller house, need a wifi thermostat because we both work odd hours. A programmable thermostat does not work for us. Ease of use is the biggest issue for us, the less gadgets the better. We both like the ease of use of the nest (used one on a vacation rental) but are open to other suggestions.

    We have

    3yr old Trane single stage
    electric AC gas heat.
    1 zone
    no humidifier - no hepa filters

    Present Thermostat Some old programmable Honeywell (the model number is worn off unreadable)
    White yellow green wires.
    Red connected to Red terminal
    Blue wire connected to C terminal
    Brown wire not connected

    any suggestions would be appreciated thanks for reading.

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    You may want to look into the Honeywell Lyric because you both work odd hours. The Lyric has geofencing that senses when you are nearing home using your smartphone location and makes your home comfortable ahead of your arrival.

    Have you seen our HVAC wifi smart thermostat buyers guide?

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    Thanks for the suggestion, Thermo. Will look into the Lyric. Yes, I did read your reviews of the thermostats, amazed at how far they have come in the past few years. Who knew you could get a thermostat, where the screen will match the paint color! But like I said simpler is better for us. Thanks again.

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    Don't count on huge savings unless your house is leaky and/or vacant for more than 8hrs at a time.

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