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The Hunter 44260 set and save is a 5-1-1 digital programmable thermostat. A 5-1-1 thermostat allows you to have separate programs for weekdays, Saturday and Sunday with up to 4 schedule changes per program. With a 5-1-1 thermostat Monday through Friday uses the same schedule for weekdays. Each weekday does not have a unique schedule.

The Hunter 44260 set and save programable thermostat come pre-programmed from the factory with the programmed setting below. Hunter recommends that that you use these pre programmed setting for the first few day.

Pre-Program Time Heat Cool
1 6:00 am 68F 78F
2 8:00 am 60F 85F
3 4:00 pm 68F 78F
3 10:00 pm 60F 85F

Hunter 44260 additional features:
  • Furnace filter change indicator
  • Indiglo backlight display
  • Easy Installation in 30 Minutes Or Less

The Hunter 44260 is compatible with:

  • Air conditioning
  • Gas, electric and oil furnaces
  • Gas and oil fired boilers
  • 2 Wire hot water, radiator heat
  • Most 24 Volt and Millivolt systems
  • Single stage heat pumps without auxillary heat
  • Not for use with 110 or 220V Electric baseboard heat
  • Not for use with Heat pumps with auxillary heat
  • Not for use with Multi-stage systems
  • Not for use with 3-wire hot water systems


Hunter technical support 1-888-830-1326