We are still within our 1st year with the iComfort and largely have been pleased. We just switched from the 'Summer' program and started using the 'Winter' program. However, about 3-4 times a week the thermostat keeps changing itself back to 'Summer'. It seems random as it may change a couple times during the same day or maybe we'll go a few days with no issue. We had it installed in January of this year so I guess it's never gone through a cycle of 'Summer' to 'Winter' before.

Basic setup:
Winter: Cool to: 85 each day, Heat to: various temps in the mid to high 60's each day, Fan: Auto.

Summer: Cool to: various temps in the low to mid 70's each day, Heat to: 62, Fan: On.

Hardware Revision: 008
Software Revision: 02.13.0240

The Lennox site and user documentation is severely lacking when it comes to any troubleshooting or recommendations or what the various temps must be. We've just tweaked what the dealer initially set up. Hopefully someone else has seen this.

As I write this, should the 'Heat to' on Summer be a different value? Maybe the thermostat is getting confused because it is also in the 60's (although the lowest setting in our 'Winter' program only goes to '64'). The Lennox telephone support line was courteous but didn't have anything either. Trying to avoid a service call - which I'm thinking is a stupid user error.