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Thread: this could be bad news for me

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    this could be bad news for me

    I have the 44860 therm, good batteries, no error message, but no 24 volt which I had before. I know there is a lot of electronic apperattus in the unit itself but has anyone had this problem before? is there normaly any circuit breakers within the unit? Oh yes, there is 220 power to the system.

    bob m
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    There my be a 24vac fuse in the air handing unit. Make sure the door is installed on the air handing unit. Your unit may have a door switch that will prevent the unit from running if the door is not installed.

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    Found the problem...not only was there a fuse(5amp), but also a 3.2 amp manual close circuit breaker. The fuse was hidden right at the top of the control board behind lots of wire I'm beginning to suspect the thermostat.
    I appreciate and thank you for your helpful insight and quick responses.

    Take care, Bob M

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