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Thread: RTH6580WF - Flashing Screen and Clicking When Set to Heat

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    RTH6580WF - Flashing Screen and Clicking When Set to Heat

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    I have an RTH6580WF thermostat. I had some initial problems during installation: the C wire was not connected to the 24v transformer. Once I solved those problems, the thermostat worked fine on COOL mode. Today, when I went to switch to HEAT mode, the thermostat reacted oddly. The screen and backlight would flash on for a quick moment and then turn off, completing this cycle every 2 to 3 seconds. Every time the screen and backlight would flash, a clicking sound was made. (I'm assuming this clicking sound is the arc between two contacts as they come together.)

    After about 10 to 15 cycles, the screen went completely blank and there were no more clicking sounds. Fortunately, the heater kicked in, but I had no control over its set points. The only way I was able to get the thermostat to reboot was to take out wires G, W and Y and plug the thermostat back in. Once the thermostat screen was visible and behaving normal, I added the removed wires back, one by one. I attempted to start the heater once more and the same problem occurred.

    Has anyone experienced this issue? Does anyone know a fix?

    Also, let me know if these are incorrect:
    G controls the fan
    W controls the heat
    Y controls the cooling
    C is common and provides continuous 24vac
    R is 24vac

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    Do you have a electrical meter like this one and know what the voltage is between R and C?

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    It was about 28.9V. I figured out the problem by investigating what the maintenance folks did. The C wire was not connected to the 24V side of the transformer, but instead it was connected to the second heating wire. That's why it had a fit when I switched it to HEAT mode. The problem was solved by actually jumping the C wire to the 24V side of the transformer.

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