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Thread: RTH9580WF: Information about "Waiting for update" for outside temperature

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    RTH9580WF: Information about "Waiting for update" for outside temperature

    I have three RTH9580WF thermostats. All three have good Wi-Fi Internet connections, all three are registered with MyTotalConnectComfort, and all three are displaying "Waiting for update" where they should display the outside temperature and humidity.

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    Answered go to this thread to see the answer

    I purchased the first thermostat about 18 months ago. It displayed the correct outside temperature/humidity until about three months ago when it started displaying "Waiting for update." It has been in that state continuously since then. I made no change to my registration information or zip code. As described below, I believe a software update introduced the problem.

    I installed two new 9580's yesterday. As soon as I got these thermostats installed, connected to Wi-Fi and registered with MyTotalConnectComfort, they started displaying the correct outside temperature/humidity. However, after about 20 minutes, both of the new thermostats downloaded a software update and restarted themselves. Once the software update was installed, they started displaying "Waiting for update" where they previously displayed the outside temperature/humidity.

    So it appears that the software update installed on the new thermostats broke the outside temperature/humidity display just as it had done to the other thermostat about three months ago.

    This is not a problem of having incorrectly registered my thermostats, and it's not a problem of needing to wait for synchronization. Honeywell has introduced a bug in the new firmware that has broken the outside temperature/humidify display.

    If you have a RTH9580WF, please post a reply letting me know if your thermostat correctly displays outside temperature/humidity or if it displays "Waiting for update."

    Thanks, Phil

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    I have a Honeywell 9000 TH9320WF5003 that use for testing that is currently displaying outside temperature/humidity correctly. Have you contacted Honeywell 1-800-468-1502 on the RTH9580WF issue?

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    Yes, I contacted Honeywell. I sent two e-mail reports, and I made two phone calls. The phone ladies were very nice; they recorded my MAC addresses and said someone would get back to me. It's been a week, and I have received no replies.

    Your TH9320WF5003 thermostat may not use the same firmware as my three RTH9580WF thermostats.

    Can anyone comment on whether your RTH9580WF thermostat displays the outside temperature?

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    I have the same issue. I bought the rth9850wf about 2 weeks ago and it initially displayed the outside temperature but after the software update I have the same message: "Waiting for update". I called their customer service twice. The first time I was told to wait about 48 hours and if it didn't work to call back. I called again a few days later and then was told there was no fix for this...

    I am curious to see if anyone has a fix or if they hear from Honeywell CS on this issue.

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    This is the very reason I do not like any thermostat that does not use its own outdoor sensor instead of relying on an internet connection and or a temperature via internet source.

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    I just installed a RTH9580WF and the outside temp displayed correctly until it did a software update - now says "waiting on update".

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