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Thread: RTH9580WF: Information about "Waiting for update" for outside temperature

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    Quote Originally Posted by nathanh View Post
    Now if I could just fix
    - the indoor temperature fluctuates by 3 deg whenever the furnace/ac fan turns on
    - the indoor humidity shows 10% higher than actual indoor humidity

    Then it would be working as expected...
    Make sure that the hole behind the thermostat is sealed up. It sound like there is draft from inside the wall that is affecting the reading on your thermostat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thermostat View Post
    Additional information received from our contact us form

    I just registered so it may take time to become active so I can post a solution. The
    solution is for the
    Honeywell RTH9580WF WiFi thermostat that ws giving individuals on this site problems
    with updating the outside temperature and humidity information. The simple solution
    is as follows PLEASE POST
    Go to
    Sign in
    At the top of menu click MY Locations
    Select the WiFi thermostat name you have - if more that one.
    To the right of the page click settings
    Change your zip code and time zone to values that are INCORRECT (don't worry I asked
    the same question it works)
    Click Submit
    This accepts the erroneous information
    CHANGE back the zip code and time zone to the correct values
    Submit again
    INSTANTLY I went to my thermostat and the outdoor information is there and correctly
    shown. VOILA!
    I have the TH9320WF5003 and recently my thermostat experienced the "waiting to update" message too. When logging into the site it did show an invalid zip code message, but the above steps didn't work for me; no zip code or time zone variant seemed to work. What I discovered that did work was using the Auto Locate button. It updated my address with an incorrect house and street address, but kept the correct city, state, and zip code. I simply changed my house and street address back to my address and saved the profile. After this, the temperature and humidity were once again updating correctly.

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    The problem showed up on my thermostats this week. Logging on to from the computer and selecting one of my registered thermostats fixed the problem on all three. So far...

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    Log into mytotalconnectconfort website - enter a bogus zip and time zone, click submit, wait a minute, reenter the correct info, submit again. This fixed mine after months.

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    I installed a RTH9580WF then outside temp displayed correctly but it need to software update

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