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Thread: advanced setttings and aux heat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan_P View Post
    I've been considering purchasing the Wi-Fi Thermostat 9000 based on the recommendations of others on this site and elsewhere.

    My question is does anyone know what is the outdoor low temperature setting is for the aux heat to kick in and stop the heat pump? and can it be adjusted?

    Right now my system kicks in the aux heat at -10 C (14F) and the heat pump will not come on. I have an older heat pump and the efficiency is not as good as the newer systems so any temperature below -10 is just a waste of electricity for it to be running.

    With my current Honeywell thermostat I am able to adjust this temperature switchover.

    Thanks for any help!
    I'm not sure if there was a reply to this........I am looking at buying a Prestig IAQ w/redlink - it's a 9320 stat and I'd like to set what temp my aux heat kicks on.

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    The IAQ is much better than the 9000 wifi. The IAQ allows you to set a compressor lockout and an aux lockout.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan_P View Post
    thanks for the input guys.

    I have the Honeywell VisionPro 8000 and it does switchover to aux heating at -10 (I never had to adjust this setting).

    I was just curious if the 9000 did the same.
    That could be a setting in the VP8000 or it could be an outdoor thermostat that is performing the switchover. It all depends upon all the components used on your system.

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    With very cold (under 10f) temps the delivered COP may not be very good, especially if ductwork is in unconditioned space. You must also account for defrost cycles.

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