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Thread: Help with Trane XL824 Installation

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    Question Help with Trane XL824 Installation

    I have an Trane XL824 to replace my Trane TZ45. I have a couple questions. One is about wiring and the other is about the SOV setting. After hooking it up I have no cool air. The old unit works fine but on the new unit when I put it on cool, hot air comes out.

    I think I made a wiring mistake because I matched my settings to my neighbor who has the same units and it made no difference after a second test.

    The wiring of my TZ45 was as follows:


    However, the new XL824 is different am some of what is in the wiring diagrams doesn't exactly match up.

    Blue = there is no 24C as in the TZ45 plate.
    White = there is no W2/O as in the TZ45 plate.

    Like I said I initially thought it was a settings thing. However, after matching a setting called SOV (with Cooling Call) and adding Ventilation Installed (Aux 2) those didn't make any difference after test 2 tonight. I double checked the rest of the settings and they all match his.

    Not sure if this helps but my unit outside is the Goodman ssz140301. The unit in the attic is a Goodman ARPT36C14AB.

    Any help would be appreciated. If not, I might have to hire someone to come out and look.

    Thanks all.

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    What terminals are available on the new thermostat? Pictures are also very helpful. It looks like you have a heatpump without aux heat based on the old wiring configuration.

    Blue should go to B/C.

    White should go to O
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    I have the following:

    RC (this is jumped to RH - same as old Therm)
    RH (this is jumped to RC - same as old Therm) - I am connected with my RED wire to match old therm
    B/C - This where I currently have the Blue that was connected to 24C on the old Therm
    Y1 - This is where I have the Yellow wire which was connected to Y1 on old Therm
    G - This is where I have my green wire which was connected to G on old Therm
    W2 - This is where I have the White wire connected which was connected to W2/O on the old Therm. You might have nailed the problem.

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    Yep, white needs moved to O

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    Thank you much! That did the trick. Cool air is now coming out and it's up and running. I did notice that this thermostat isn't getting to the target temperature before shutting off. My old one didn't do that. So, I am guessing it's either the set points or another setting. Either that or the Thermostat has not fully calibrated yet.

    At any rate, thank you so much hvactechfw.

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