Hunter offers mechanical, non programmable digital and programmable thermostats. A Hunter digital thermostat senses space temperature electronically. The Hunter digital programmable thermostats take climate accuracy even further by adjusting the temperature throughout the day to optimize your current system and save you up to 33% on heating and cooling costs. Hunter offers thermostats with touchscreens, backlit displays, auto season changeover, programmable hold, Home today override, Thermostat lock, Energy monitor, Filter change indicator, Save Away one-touch override, Easy installation in 30 minutes or less, 5 minute thermostat install, Built-in level, Screwless, color coded wire terminals and Arm chair programming. Check our Hunter thermostat comparison chart to compare capabilities of current Hunter thermostats models.

Hunter technical support 1-888-830-1326

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Hunter 44260 Set and Save thermostat
Hunter 44132 universal programmable thermostat