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Thread: connecting NEST to Carrier iNFINITY

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    connecting NEST to Carrier iNFINITY

    I have been trying to decide if I should change my Carrier Infinity thermostat out for a NEST 2nd gen. I have a single stage 24apa carrier performance series a/c outside unit and a carrier infinity 58mvb 2 stage gas furnace. The only other equipment is a Honeywell whole home humidifier. The system is currently wired using the ABCD setup. Re-wiring looks fairly straight forward, hook up R, C and Y on the a/c and hook nest to w2, y1, g, c, w1, r and one wire from hum to * and other wire to c. The system will run fan in slower speed to dehum during hot weather, so I am assuming I would loose that function due to the nest only being able to either dehum or hum. Would there be any other functionality I may loose.
    Thank you

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    That would pretty much be it. But I think your HUM wiring is wrong. HUM on the control board of the furnace is 24V hot out when the furnace is heating.

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    Right now one of the 2 humidifier wires is connected to C and the other is connected to the hum spade on the control board. Without the infinity stat won't that spade connector need to be removed and sent to the * connection on the nest so that the nest can contrOl it

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    yes, the way you said it that time was correct.....

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