i plan to hack my airconditioner to have the CT-80 completly take over the control over it ...

however i noticed some odd things:

its set up for 2 stage cooling. and the 2nd stage is used to turn the fan into full speed.
the difference for stage 2 is set to 2 degrees celsius.

however i noticed that the stage2 does not turn off on multiple occations (see picture)
any idea what that could be ?

also the Fan does turn off in the same moment the Compressor turns off ..
thats not exctly energy efficient .. as rest-cool air will stay in the airconditioner, AND (more importantly) it will cause the exchanger to freeze up as well.
any ideas how that could be solved ?

Radio Thermostat support is quiet since a week already .. the facebook page is dead since 3 years ... i start to think the ct-80 was maybe not the best idea after all.
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