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Thread: Hunter 44668 Thermostat Problems

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    Hunter 44668 Thermostat Problems

    I have two Hunter thermostats (upstairs and downstairs). I have had four Hunter thermostats in the past and they all performed flawlessly. I bought the 44668 model for the remote temperature sensing feature. I have a room that is difficult to regulate the temperature with a thermostat installed in another location on the floor.

    I got the first 44668 in August 2011 for the upstairs. Based on its good performance, I got a second 44668 for the downstairs in February 2012.

    About two weeks ago, both thermostats started resetting by themselves. I was using fresh Energizer alkaline batteries. The batteries in the upstairs unit were 5-6 months old; the ones in the downstairs unit were less than a month old.

    I'm an electrical engineer and I started tracing out the circuit. I don't see any circuitry for powering this thermostat by the 24 VAC supplied by the HVAC system. In other words, it appears that these thermostats are powered by the batteries at all times. Is that correct? Yes, I did install the red jumper between the RC and RH terminals on both thermostats.

    I switched to lithium batteries since they have a slightly higher per cell voltage.

    Are there any recommendations to keep this thermostats working reliably? When they work properly, they are great!

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    A typical thermostat on a residential HVAC system receives power from a transformer located in the air handling unit. On your Hunter 44668 thermostat you should have 24vac power on the RC and RH terminals. Was the low battery indicator flashing when you were having the issues. Was the words "ERROR" flashing on the display? The Hunter 44668 thermostat manual states that new batteries should last one year. Your thermostat is covered under the same manual as the Hunter 44660. There is a link to the manual in this thread.

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    24 VAC is present on the RH and RC terminals on both systems. When both thermostats reset, the time starts flashing 6:00. There is no display of the word ERROR, just the flashing time display. When I replaced the alkaline batteries in the upstairs unit, which had been in use for six months, the batteries read 1.35 VDC which would indicate to me that they had been exclusively used to power the thermostat - no 24 VAC has been used to power the thermostat.

    Thanks for the manual link. I still have both manuals on file.

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    I looked into this a little more and found that the Hunter 44668 display is powered from the batteries. Hunter will replace your thermostat for one year from the date of purchase. The problem that you have is the 44668 is discontinued and hunter does not have another thermostat that has remote sensor capability. They will replace your thermostats with a different model. You can monitor the life of the batteries by pressing the option button twice.

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    I talked with Hunter Tier 2 support a couple of days ago. Since I bought both of these thermostats on eBay, Hunter will not extend any warranty even though both thermostats were new and unopened when purchased.

    I did a little more troubleshooting today. It does appear that the programs set in the thermostat will survive the batteries being removed. However, when the batteries are re-installed, the time is not set correctly and the thermostat will not work (until the time and day are reset. I also measured current draw on the batteries. When any button is pushed, the Indiglo backlight illuminates and the current draw jumps up to about 25 mA. When the Indiglo backlight gows out, the current draw drops below 1 mA.

    I do have two questions which are not covered anywhere in the manual. When cycling through the sensors, I go through remote 1, remote 2, remote 1, outside sensor, internal thermostat sensor. Often one of the remote 1 sensors has the "1" flashing, but the other remote 1 sensor does not flash. Question 1: Why is remote sensor 1 shown twice? Question 2: Why does one of the remote 1 sensor indicators flash and the other one doesn't flash?

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    IMO, Hunter makes great fans, not thermostats.

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