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Thread: ColorTouch Assistant for T7900?

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    ColorTouch Assistant for T7900?

    I just got my T7900 to replace my T5900. I exported the settings from the T5900 to an SD card and found that I could not just import to the T7900. I downloaded the latest ColorTouch Assistant from Venstar's support site and found it is the same version I had had for ages - 3.14.1. The T7900 runs a 4.0 firmware. I am guessing that is the disconnect on the SD card. I wanted to load pictures, but have no way to do it.

    Has anyone seen a newer version of ColorTouch Assistant for the new T7900 series?

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    I do not have any experience with the T7900 so I cannot not answer your question. I would think the discount is trying to go from one version to another. I have tested and use a T5900 and it is one of my favorite wifi thermostats. It is nice to see that the T7900 does not need the sky port accessory for wifi. What other upgrades on the T7900 do you like over the T5900? how is the screen resolution and screen sensitivity?

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    The T7900 is pretty new. I liked that the wifi was built-in and my sister wanted a new thermostat, so she's going to get my T5900 + wifi key. Only cost me $50 to upgrade, so that's nice. The screen seems a bit more responsive, the wifi antenna is better, resolution seems the same. The v4 firmware is nicer to use online, I can do all the settings through the cloud portal now. Might be able to do that with the T5900, didn't notice as I always controlled through the app.

    Wife just wants the dog pictures back on the new one!

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