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Thread: Alternatives to Lennox iComfort that supports full features of X25 heat pump?

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    Alternatives to Lennox iComfort that supports full features of X25 heat pump?

    I have had a new X25 Heat Pump with CBX40UHV Air Handler for over a year now. They have been really nice units. Especially in this incredible (for the Bay Area) heat we've been having.

    But I find the iComfort WiFi thermostat and related Web / iOS App to be a joke. Its like something from 1999. And its not evolving at all.

    Its clear that Lennox know nothing about modern user interface or software design. Plus they make everything 100% proprietary (I can't find documentation or an SDK anywhere) so its impossible for someone else to make a better UI.

    Lennox should stick to what they are good at, making the equipment, and offer an SDK to allow other people to make the Lennox equipment have modern, functional UIs and to fit into the Internet of Things realms.

    If anyone does know of an alternative to iComfort that still can utilize all the great features of the Lennox hardware, or if there is an SDK, please let me know.

    As far as I can tell Lennox doesn't care about this at all.

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    Forgot to mention some of the issues I'm having:

    - Should be able to manage programs from the Web and iOS app
    - Web app shouldn't set the fan to on from auto whenever I change the temperature with the web app
    - I should be able to get stats from the system into whatever application I want to build
    - The web/iOS app should show stats and trends
    - Should be able to integrate with custom and public IoT applications like IFTT
    - Should be able to have more than 4 stages in a season program

    There's more but that is what I can think of off hand.

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    All valid points... I moved from a NEST to the iComfort only because NEST sucked (at the time - I can't speak for now) at managing a heat pump. Also at the time the NEST firmware was split in two each version was being manipulated to work with different routers (it was always the router manufacturer’s fault...).

    Back to iComfort. I also do not like the fact that they use two different UI's one for tablets (sort of mirrors the thermostat) and one for phones. The one for phones never accepts the temp I am trying to set, the spinner always spins back to where it was or up/down one degree.

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    I would also like to see a delay when you take the thermostat out of away so that the furnace does not fire up (or heat pump) while you manually select the desired temperature.

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