OK, this is going to be a little long, sorry about that. But, I just paid big bucks to have a new Trane system installed. XR15 with TEM6 air handler and XL824 thermostat.

Cooling nicely. They did a good clean job. But, I noticed a few things during the installation.

First of all, when installing the thermostat one guy said to the other, "Well, if there ain't a wire there ain't a wire."

Then, I noticed no setup was really done with the thermostat just powered up and that was it.

I got to reading the installation instructions myself and now I am a little concerned, because although the house is cool, at times the humidity is high and changing the "Target Humidity" does little or nothing to change that.

With that in mind:

1. I wonder if the thermostat installation was done as if we had a TAM 7 handler. I ask because instructions for the TEM 6 that we have were not included in the thermostat (XL824) setup instructions. But, the TAM 7 was the only variable speed setup included with the thermostat.

There were some very specific instructions regarding a jumper across B-K on the handler that deal with dehumidification (not requiring a dehumidifier) with the TAM 7 setup. I am not sure that setting is correct on the air handler. Would this be the same for the TEM6? Could this be why the target humidity seems to not work?

2. Reading the setup manual, the XL824 thermostat is very sophisticated and has a lengthy setup routine that technicians can access and set many, many options. Some of the options I may want set (but I don't know really what they are). And, I can't seem to get into the Technician Access area. Pressing the button does nothing. Are you aware of any of these settings that should be changed from their defaults (providing I can somehow access them)?