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Thread: XL824 / Adaptive Intelligent Recovery

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    XL824 / Adaptive Intelligent Recovery


    I just had a new system installed and they replaced my Honeywell VisionPRO 8000 with an XL824.

    The Honeywell's adaptive recovery would start heading for the target wake up temperature in advance and try to reach that temperature at the set time - without calling for aux heat even though I have more than a 2 degree spread between sleep and wake up temps.

    It appears to me that this XL824 is not going to do anything until the actual set time arrives, then if the compressor runs for more than 10 minutes to reach the new temp that it is going to call for the aux heat.

    Is this the way it works or am I missing something?


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    I do not have any experience with the XL824. I did find this PDF for the XL824. I did not see anything in the manual that says it has adaptive recovery. Do you have a outdoor air sensor install? If you do there is a setting to prevent operation of the Aux heat based on outside air temp.

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    Thanks, I downloaded the manuals before I ever touched it. No, it doesn't have any form of adaptive recovery and no outdoor temp sensor.

    I mainly want to confirm if the aux heat is going to be called for after ten minutes of running when the wake time arrives if there is still over a two degree spread between actual temp and set temp. The way I read it that is the case. If that is the case, it seems to me that would negate any savings by lowering the set point in the first place.

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    I have returned to this forum on another matter and decided to update this thread.

    My initial apprehension towards my XL824 was correct. It does not start trying to reach the new setpoint until the actual set time, unlike adaptive intelligent recovery that learns and starts in advance to hit the new setpoint without using aux heat.

    When wake up time comes, the system turns on the aux heat after a maximum wait time of ten minutes. This seems to totally negate the efficeincy part of using programmed set points to me.

    I have counteracted this behavior by telling the thermostat that there is not a second stage - it can't turn on what it doesn't think it there. This winter was mild enough that aux heat was never needed so worked fine but would have been a problem if it had been needed.

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